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“How to” solutions for using Android devices. There are over 200 help articles and solutions for Android users who need help with their Android phone or tablet.

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Upgrade Apps and Android


Upgrade the Android operating system on a Android phones and tablets. Upgrade from 3 to 4, keep your apps upgraded.


Android apps including Adobe, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Security, Anti-virus, uninstalling apps, installing apps, setting defaults for apps, removing an app. How to use PDF files, backup apps, sideload apps, installing Flash, and answers to questions.


Connecting with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Tethering, how to print, using WiFi hotspots, VPN, Networks, Ethernet, peer to peer, how to connect tablet to a computer, how to connect tablet to a tv.


Discussions about lock patterns, voice commands, changing language, change wallpaper, reset tablet, extending battery life, other general topics.


Maintenance things to do to help your Android phone or tablet operate more smoothly..

Security and Anti-virus

Information about Android apps that provide more security and anti–virus protection. Viruses and malware issues with Android tablets.


Streaming video, playing music, downloading videos or music, copy MP3 or MP4 files, photos, managing photos.


Comments, suggestions, or questions about storage related to SD memory cards, Cloud storage, external storage

User Guides

User guides are created for each version of Android. Download the PDF file and review the features of the version you are using.

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