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App Keeps Stopping on Android – How to Fix?

Apps keep stopping on Android

App Keeps Stopping on Android? Don’t Panic! Here’s How to Fix It. Do you have a problem with an app keep stopping or an app not working on Android phones and tablets?  “It was working fine yesterday, but now it won’t open”. What to do if an app keeps stopping on Android? Many things can […]

How To Clear App Data And Cache On Android?

Clear app data and cache on Android

There are times when you need to delete Android app data and cache.  Perhaps the app has stopped working, or your getting a message saying the data or cache is corrupt. Or perhaps you want to start fresh using the app. 

How to Delete Apps on Android? A Step-by-Step Guide

how to delete apps on android

Delete, disable or uninstall an app on Android Deleting or uninstalling apps on Android is a simple process that can free up storage space and improve performance on your device. You can delete apps that you no longer use, pre-installed apps that you don’t want, or even apps that are causing problems. Learn how to […]

Android Permission Manager: Take Control of Your Apps

android permission manager

Manage app permissions on your Android phone or tablet. You may want to audit the permissions you have given away to various Android apps and make changes. It is even better to check the permissions required on an app before downloading and installing it. We will tell you how to do both of these procedures.

How To Set An App As Default In Android? Step-by-Step

Change the Default Apps on an Android phone or tablet

How to change a default application on your Android phone or tablet? Changing the default application on Android is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. This can be useful if you prefer to use a different app for certain tasks, such as opening links or viewing photos. Learn how […]

Google Play Services has Stopped – Fix It Now!

Google Play Store has stopped

Google Play will not allow you to install apps.
If you cannot install Apps from Google Play, you may need to reset the app on your Android phone or tablet. Sometimes an app can become corrupted with missing or damaged files. When this happens, you should reinstall the app.

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