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Android Supported Media Formats: The Definitive Guide

android supported media formats

What supported formats for Video, Music, and Photo files on Android phones and tablets
What Media formats can be used on Android?
Video, Music, and Photo formats supported on Android Tablets. The video, music, and photo formats supported on Android phones and tables running the base Android 3.+ operating systems are documented here. Various tablet manufacturers may include other pre-installed apps which may support additional formats. There are also apps available on the Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore which also support more formats.

How to Open PDF Files on Android Without Adobe?

how to create a PDF on Android:

How to open PDF files on Android Phones and Tablets?
How to open PDF files on Android phones or tablets is very simple. Whether you received the PDF file as an attachment in an Email, or transferred the file from your PC, the Adobe Acrobat Reader app will work for you. There are other apps available including the Google PDF Reader.

Install Flash Player for Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adobe Flash for Android

How to get Adobe Flash Player on Android In today’s digital landscape, Adobe Flash Player for Android may no longer hold the same prominence it once did, but there’s still a wealth of Flash-based content available online. While Flash Player is no longer officially supported on Android devices, there are still ways to access and […]

Google Play Alternatives: How to Download Apps Safely

google play alternatives

Where to get Android Apps from alternative sources? You don’t have access to Google Play, or you have one of many off brand Android phones and tablets that do not have access to Google Play. But these Android devices still need apps. So, where to get Android apps for your Android phone or tablet if […]

How To Easily Remote Access A PC From Your Android?

how to remote access a pc from android

Setup a Remote Desktop Connection with Android
There are a few apps available on Google Play that helps you to setup a remote desktop connection with an Android tablet and a PC for the purpose of allowing the tablet to establish a Remote Desktop connection.
A remote desktop connection allows the person operating the tablet to connect to the desktop computer or laptop and operate the computer just as if they were actually using the computer. This connection also allows an easy method to move files between the two devices.

Sideload Apps: Your Guide to Safe and Easy Installation

sideload apps

How to Sideload apps or data?
Before we discuss how to sideload apps or data to an Android tablet, first, let’s talk about what Sideloading is and why you might need to do this.

Sideloading is the process of installing an app or data bypassing the normal process. For instance, if you wanted to load an app onto your tablet that is not from Google Play, Android Market, or whatever app store your tablet uses, then this would be referred to as sideloading an app.

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