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Why is My Android Phone Not Charging? 5 Quick Fixes!

why is my android phone not charging

I’m sorry to hear that your Android phone is not charging. Panic sets in as I stare at the drained battery icon, a stark reminder of my dependency on this digital lifeline. Why is my Android phone not charging? The thought echoes in my mind, a frantic mantra as I fumble with cables and adapters, […]

6 Tips For The Best Android Battery Life

best android battery life

6 battery charging tips to charge lithium-ion batteries for Android phones and tablets Here are some battery charging tips for Android phones and tablets with lithium-ion batteries.  Lithium-ion batteries seem to be more reliable, hold the charge longer, and have less charging problems then its predecessor. Learn the best Android battery life methods. Lithium-ion batteries […]

How to change to Dark Mode on Android?

Dark Mode on Android, snapchat dark mode

How to change to Dark Mode Display on Android phones and tablets?
Why would you want to change your Android phone or tablet to use Dark Mode?  The main reason is to same on eye strain from looking at a brightly lit screen.  With a dark screen , you don’t have the backlit screen as a bright white light shinning in your eyes.  An alternate reason is that the consequence of changing from a light screen to a dark screen is that the phone doesn’t need to generate so much white light – thus, saving a bit on battery life.  And, perhaps, there may be a savings on the life of your LED/LCD screen since it isn’t generating so much light.

How to Extend Battery Life On Android: Tips For Longer Battery Life

how to extend battery life on android

How to extend the battery life for Android phones or tablets? You can extend the battery life of Android devices. For those who can’t live without their Android phone, a battery quickly dying is very annoying.  Here are some tips on how to extend battery life on Android that you can do to get the […]

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