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Read Easy Again: Android’s Screen Magnifier for Low Vision

Screen Magnification for Low Vision

Partially blind, low vision and visually impaired can use Android touch screens using screen magnifier Does squinting at your phone screen leave your eyes strained and frustrated? You’re not alone. Many Android users with low vision face daily challenges navigating tiny text and intricate details. But there’s a powerful tool right at your fingertips waiting […]

How to use the TalkBack braille keyboard for Android?

TalkBack Braille Keyboard for blind and visually impaired

With the TalkBack braille keyboard for Android, you can use 6 fingers on your screen to enter 6-dot braille. Use the TalkBack braille keyboard for Android in place of the standard Samsung keyboard or the standard keyboard. Send messages or email in braille, and the receiver can use the braille keyboard to read your message […]

How to use Google TalkBack Screen Reader App for Android?

Google TalkBack Screen Reader app for android

Use Google’s TalkBack Screen Reader for those who are Blind, Partially Blind or Visually Impaired Google TalkBack screen reader is an essential accessibility tool for those who are blind or partially blind. It provides spoken feedback for everything that happens on your Android device, from navigation to notifications. TalkBack can be used with a variety […]

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