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How to make a Wi-Fi call on Android?

How to make a Wi-Fi call on Android

Ditch the Signal, Embrace the Wi-Fi: Making Wi-Fi Calls on Android with Ease Whether you’re living in a dead zone or simply seeking crystal-clear audio, making calls over Wi-Fi on your Android phone is a game-changer. No more dropped calls or choppy connections! Learn how to make a Wi-Fi call on Android phones. This guide […]

How to Stop Spam Calls on Android?

How to stop spam calls on android

How to Stop, Block, and Avoid Spam Calls on Android? Do you receive many robocalls or spam calls?  Those annoying calls interrupt other important business and valuable time.  We will give details on how to stop spam calls on Android. Stop Robocalls on Android and spam calls with a couple of settings on your Android […]

Record Incoming & Outgoing Calls on Android

how to record calls on android phone

How to record calls on your Android Phone?
Before you record phone calls, be sure you are aware of the privacy laws in your country. In most cases, it is OK to record a phone call if you are using it for personal use only and you will not be sharing the recording with others. In any case, it is best if you get the person’s permission to record the call and have the permission recorded as part of the call. You may want to record business conversations, or personal conversations for future reference. It may be a good idea to record technical support calls so you can go back and review later. Calls to financial institutions or banks may be good to have a recording off in case there is a dispute later.

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