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How to Use the Alarm, Timer or Stopwatch on Android?

use timer on android

Use the alarm, timer or stopwatch on Android devices. Nearly all Android phones and tablets come with a Clock app pre-installed. This Clock app is used to not only set the time and date on your Android device, but it also has Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch functions as well. We will detail how to use […]

How to Change The Date And Time on Your Phone?

How to change date and time on android phone

Having the correct time and date on an Android device is important for nearly all apps and features. To change time and date, you can manually set them to whatever you want, or you can turn on the Automatic setting so the time and date are automatically set every time you receive a phone call.

Best Android Digital Clock Widget

Best Clock Widget Android

Digital Clock Widget for Android phones and tablets Enhance Your Home Screen with Digital Clock Widget Xperia: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality Looking for a clock widget that elevates your Android device’s aesthetics while offering exceptional functionality? Look no further than Digital Clock Widget Xperia, the app designed to seamlessly integrate with your […]

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