Android phone and tablet support

How to Share Apps Between Android Devices?

Copy and share Apps from Android to Android

How to share apps with other Android devices? You may have one or more apps on your Android phone that you want to send to your Android tablet.  You can sync apps with multiple Android devices using a feature in Google Play store that allows you to easily select the apps you want to share […]

Google Play Services has Stopped – Fix It Now!

Google Play Store has stopped

Google Play will not allow you to install apps.
If you cannot install Apps from Google Play, you may need to reset the app on your Android phone or tablet. Sometimes an app can become corrupted with missing or damaged files. When this happens, you should reinstall the app.

Google Play Alternatives: How to Download Apps Safely

google play alternatives

Where to get Android Apps from alternative sources? You don’t have access to Google Play, or you have one of many off brand Android phones and tablets that do not have access to Google Play. But these Android devices still need apps. So, where to get Android apps for your Android phone or tablet if […]

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