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How to make a Wi-Fi call on Android?

How to make a Wi-Fi call on Android

Ditch the Signal, Embrace the Wi-Fi: Making Wi-Fi Calls on Android with Ease Whether you’re living in a dead zone or simply seeking crystal-clear audio, making calls over Wi-Fi on your Android phone is a game-changer. No more dropped calls or choppy connections! Learn how to make a Wi-Fi call on Android phones. This guide […]

Connecting to the Web: How Do I Get The Internet on My Phone

how do i get the internet on my phone

Having internet access on your phone is essential for staying connected, informed, and entertained. Whether you’re checking emails, browsing social media, or streaming videos, your phone is often your primary gateway to the online world. Learn how to get internet on your phone. You can get internet on your phone or tablet using features built […]

How to Activate 5G on Android: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Activate 4G or 5G on Android

To activate 4G or 5G on Android tablets, you need to first be using a cellular company that provides this service. The 3G and 4G networks are communication protocols provided by a cellular telephone company. Therefore, your tablet must have a slot for a SIM card in order to access the cellular data network. It is also possible that your tablet came with a SIM card pre-installed and is hidden and cannot be removed.

How to Setup a Proxy Server on Android?

android proxy setup

What is a proxy server? A proxy server is a server that acts as a mediator between your device and the internet. Android proxy setup easily routes your traffic through a proxy server, which can change your IP address and encrypt your traffic. Proxy servers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: […]

How to Use Android Mobile Hotspot? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Android mobile hotspot

What is an Android mobile hotspot? Android mobile hotspot is a feature that allows you to share your phone’s mobile data internet connection with other devices. This can be useful if you’re traveling and don’t have access to Wi-Fi, or if you need to connect your laptop or other device to the internet but don’t […]

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