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Discover the Top 10 Android Themes for Your Android Phone

top Android themes

Tired of the same old look on your Android phone? Craving a visual refresh but don’t know where to start? Dive into this curated list of the top 10 Android themes that will transform your device into a personalized masterpiece. How to install a theme on your Android phone: 1. Check for Built-in Theme Support: […]

How to Use Launchers on Android: A Complete Guide

How to change Android Launchers

How to use Android Launchers?
Why would you use one?
What is a launcher?
Android launchers are the user interface that sits on top of Android. It is the launcher that organizes and displays the various app icons and widgets. The Android operating system comes with it’s own launcher. However, it is just an app that can be replaced with another launcher app. Different launchers have different features, looks and feels. Some Android launchers are thin apps, meaning they don’t require a lot of processing by the device’s processor, and others require a lot of processing cycles.

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