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Google Play Alternatives: How to Download Apps Safely

google play alternatives

Where to get Android Apps from alternative sources? You don’t have access to Google Play, or you have one of many off brand Android phones and tablets that do not have access to Google Play. But these Android devices still need apps. So, where to get Android apps for your Android phone or tablet if […]

Sideload Apps: Your Guide to Safe and Easy Installation

sideload apps

How to Sideload apps or data?
Before we discuss how to sideload apps or data to an Android tablet, first, let’s talk about what Sideloading is and why you might need to do this.

Sideloading is the process of installing an app or data bypassing the normal process. For instance, if you wanted to load an app onto your tablet that is not from Google Play, Android Market, or whatever app store your tablet uses, then this would be referred to as sideloading an app.

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