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How to Stop Spam Calls on Android?

How to stop spam calls on android

How to Stop, Block, and Avoid Spam Calls on Android? Do you receive many robocalls or spam calls?  Those annoying calls interrupt other important business and valuable time.  We will give details on how to stop spam calls on Android. Stop Robocalls on Android and spam calls with a couple of settings on your Android […]

Stop Spam Texts Now! How to Block Spam Texts on Android?

Block Text Messages

Stop Spam and Block Text Messages on Android You can block text messages on Android to stop receiving them.  You cannot actually block the message, but you can block the number they are coming from. Once the number is blocked, that number cannot send you any more text messages.  Most default and pre-installed message apps […]

How To Transfer Text Messages: Android to Android

Transfer text messages

Switching to a new Android phone can be exciting, but worries about losing your precious text messages can quickly dampen the mood. Fear not! Transferring your texts from your old phone to your shiny new one is easier than you think. Learn how to transfer text messages. Here’s how to do it in just a […]

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