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Android Photo Manager: Take Control of Your Photos & Videos

Android photo manager

In today’s digital world, our smartphones have become our go-to devices for capturing and storing life’s precious moments. With the ever-increasing number of photos and videos we take, managing these files on our Android devices can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where an Android photo manager comes in, offering a range of features to help you […]

How to Improve Sound Quality on Android: Complete Guide

improve sound quality android

Improve the Sound Quality on Android phones and tablets Android devices come with a variety of built-in and third-party features that can be used to improve the sound quality. In this guide, we will cover some of the most effective ways to boost the audio output and improve the sound quality on your Android device. […]

How to Screen Record on Android?

How to Screen record on Android

You can easily make a screen video recording if you have a newer Android phone or tablet.  This procedure will record everything you are doing on your phone.   All you have to do is start the recording, then end the recording.  The recorded video is saved on your Android device in the Gallery.

How to Backup Android Photos and Videos to Google Photos?

backup Android photos and videos to Google Photos

How to backup your photos and videos on Android? Backup your photos and videos to keep them secure and safe. With Android phones and tablets having great cameras, most people are using their phones or tablets to take photos.  Creating memories to be reviewed later. Documenting important events for future use. It is important that […]

How to Connect Android to TV Using HDMI: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

connect an Android tablet to a TV

How to Connect Android to a TV?
Connect an Android phone or tablet to a TV is very simple. You can Stream video from an Android tablet or phone to a TV, view photos, play games, do PowerPoint presentations, etc. The HDMI output port on your tablet PC is very useful for these purposes.

Stream Video or Music to Android

Stream Video to Android

Stream Video or Music to Android phones and tablets This method tells you how to stream video or stream music from a PC which is connected to the same network as your Android phone or tablet.  There are other methods to stream video, such as from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Google, etc.  See other posts for […]

Android Supported Media Formats: The Definitive Guide

android supported media formats

What supported formats for Video, Music, and Photo files on Android phones and tablets
What Media formats can be used on Android?
Video, Music, and Photo formats supported on Android Tablets. The video, music, and photo formats supported on Android phones and tables running the base Android 3.+ operating systems are documented here. Various tablet manufacturers may include other pre-installed apps which may support additional formats. There are also apps available on the Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore which also support more formats.

Top 5 Best Video Chat Apps for Android

video chat on android phones

The Best Video Chat apps for Android Phones Missing the warmth of seeing smiles and hearing laughter in real-time? In this digital age, long-distance friendships and family connections thrive on video calls. But with a plethora of options out there, choosing the best video chat app for Android can feel like an epic quest. fear […]

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